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Travel Magica is networked with more then 60000 hotels & cars providers across India. We use a 360 degree business practices & has been continued increasing its network among the hotels & taxi vendors in India and Nepal. Our team is working on milestone in Tourism industry.
Travel Magica is focused on designing a customized tour package as per the traveler’s requirement by getting multiple free services, gifts, complimentary services with competitive package cost from various vendors across India. or outside India
Travel Magica is constantly being rated 8 to 10 out of 10 for the satisfaction when we ask our travelers to rate us after the tour completion. We do conduct a feedback session after the completion of your trip to ensure quality services are delivered.

TAKE these 6 steps

1. Find Your Package

Search and pick from all the available tour package from various vendors on our tour package search page.

2. Start Chat

We will help you customize your travel plan based on real time weather condition or restriction by local administration to avoid inconvenience.

3. Set Your Budget Wisely

Package cost can be different over hotels category, room category & taxi, use tools to set a correct budget which best fit your spirit of travel.

4. Compare your quote

Click on "Compare Tag" on quotation from different vendors online and check services, we recommend you to review package inclusion precisely.

5. Claim Your Gifts

Click "Search Gifts" for free complimentary things offered to you by us on your quotation to get jungle safari, boat ride, rafting, party passes and more.

6. Book & Pack Your Bags

Ensuring better convenient in payments, do not pay full payment but just 10% to book your package and stay ready for an exciting memorable trip.

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