5 Amazing Nightlife Experiences In Aamchi Mumbai

The city that never rests, the city that influences you to feel safe during the evening, and the city that makes each fantasy wake up, is likewise the city that gatherings throughout the night! The nightlife in Mumbai is sufficiently stunning to influence anybody to get bulldozed by it, be it the typical party monstrosities or the general population in quest for peace. Appropriate from the minute the stars turn out to the time moon at long last says farewell, there are a ton of activities in Mumbai around evening time.

Also, the best thing is that there’s no particular best time to visit the city to encounter its nightlife, however at whatever point you feel like. Be that as it may, before you design your Mumbai trip and get to your toes to move away the night here, examine what the nightlife of Mumbai has in store for you by none other at that point Travel Magica!!

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1. Fun Activities To Halcyon The Thrill Aspirants In You

  • Driving through Sea Link

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Driving on the void streets in Mumbai is no not as much as a fantasy. Take a smooth drive through the Worli ocean connect to encounter the genuine gem of a period. It is situated on one of the calmest ocean fronts of the city and you will get the chance to look at the magnificence of the city more than ever. While taking off on a sentimental drive sounds consummate, this is additionally one of the approaches to encounter the nightlife in Mumbai for singles.

  • Midnight Cycling Tour

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What can be a superior method to investigate the nightlife in Mumbai than to see the city on the wheels. Keep in mind to ride through the wonderful course of the city, and stop by at all the prominent spots, for example, Marine Drive, Shivaji Park, and some more. This astonishing ride will arrive at an end at Bandstand and help you disentangle a very surprising Mumbai with this superb midnight cycling trip.

  • Sundown Parasailing

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Yes, you read it right. Parasailing really occurs in Mumbai around evening time. You can benefit an administration at Water Sports Complex arranged on Marine Drive, and while appreciate an elevated perspective of the whole city. This should be on your rundown of must do here.

2. Sweet Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

It’s shocking how a portion of the acclaimed dessert puts in Mumbai haven’t changed even a bit. From celebrated patisserie to frozen yogurt parlors, there are a ton of spots offering scrumptious joys for everybody to savor.

  • Theobroma

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The prevalent yet celebrated pastry kitchen and patisserie in Mumbai is the best place to visit on the off chance that you need to see the sweeter side of the nightlife in Mumbai. Situated in Colaba and Bandra, this place generally remains open till 12 AM. The choco chip brownies, red velvet baked goods, and chicken sandwich are an unquestionable requirement have here!

Theobroma stays open until the point when 12 AM on all long periods of the week.

  • K Rustom’s Ice Cream

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Ever been an enthusiast of hand crafted desserts? All things considered, this deep rooted put at Churchgate serves tasty frozen yogurts, which actually abandons you licking your fingers. This is the most established Iranian parlor in the city, in spite of which it continues adjusting the flavors throughout the years, out of which the sandwich is the best!

The dessert parlor stays open from 9:30 AM to 11 PM on all the days with the exception of Sunday, on which it opens from 3 PM to 11 PM.

And keeping in mind that the city has such a great amount to offer to every last one of you, it likewise gives you a chance to party at your own home till the morning on the off chance that you lean toward staying inside. Ideal from the liquor to the tasty sustenance, you can get anything conveyed at your doorstep, and take advantage of the nightlife in Mumbai.

  • Bachelorr’s

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Found appropriate inverse to the Chowpatty seaface, this place serves the best crisp squeezes and dessert sundaes. Anybody going by stops here at midnight to satisfy their cravings for food with the light delectable nibbles, and appreciates the nightlife of Mumbai by enjoying the one of a kind taste that this place offers.

It remains open from 10 AM to 1:30 AM

3. Best Nightclubs And Pubs To Live Like A Party


We’re certain you’ve heard a zillion circumstances about the gathering places in Mumbai, and is there any valid reason why you wouldn’t? Beginning from Taproom to Olive, Social and Hoppipola, to Prive’, Hype, and nearby bars like Sunlight and Gokul, this city has a comment everybody’s pocket. In any case, out of all the best dance club in Mumbai, these a couple of handpicked ones to ensure you encounter the best of all amid your visit here!

  • AER in Four Seasons Hotel, Worli

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Set up on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, this is the most terrific and the most rich housetop bar and club of Mumbai. In case you’re somebody who respects a favor supper over beverages on the stones, this is certainly your place to encounter the best of nightlife in Mumbai. You can visit here with your family and even your exceptional somebody. There’s sufficient space for everybody to appreciate the entrancing perspectives of the city that this place offers.

You can chill at AER on anytime from 5PM to 2AM.

  • Trilogy in Juhu

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Set of three is a much-advertised yet one of the best dance club in Mumbai, situated in Juhu’s Hotel Sea Princess. The sizzling red love seats alongside the long wooden bar exhibiting extraordinary mixed drinks and wines makes this club a mainstream fascination. While the main level of your preferred club offers you the beverages, the following one has a throbbing move floor. Prepare to have the greatest night of your life if Trilogy is the club you’re intending to visit.

Aside from Sunday and Monday, this club remains open on all the days from 10 PM to 3 AM.

  • Toto’s Garage in Bandra

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You may have misgivings for once in light of the name of this place in case you’re not the person who cherishes investigating. In any case, trust us, this is the place to go in case you’re searching for a pocket-accommodating yet best bars in Mumbai. Much the same as the name, even the stylistic layout has been planned like a carport with the body of a VW Beetle suspended over the parlor and the Dj blending some incredible numbers in a Maruti Van! It’s a fun place that serves toothsome delights like stew paneer and chicken in ‘work wires! In case you’re somebody who fears the group, don’t depend on this place!

The bar can be gone by at whenever between 6 PM and 1 AM.

4. Hang Out Zones To Praise The Citylight

The boulevards of Mumbai have a considerable measure to wow you, particularly amid the small hours. Be it the late night crunching spots or the ocean paths, all you need to do appreciate the nightlife in Mumbai is take off and remain out!

  • Juhu Chowpatty

In the event that you like remaining out under the stars yet value a little swarm around, this is the place for you to encounter the nightlife in Mumbai. From families to couples, and gathering of companions, everybody can be spotted here. Go for a walk and loosen up as the waves kiss your feet or spend the night enjoying the most discussed road nourishment of the city. This renowned shoreline has a considerable measure of slows down that offer everything from Pav bhaji to chuski.

You can invest energy at the chowpatty till 12 AM.

  • Marine Drive – Nariman Point

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Regardless of whether only you’re or with your most loved squad, Marine Drive is an extraordinary spot to visit at midnight and even after. In the event that the storm in Mumbai makes this place a hotspot for couples, the night makes it an incredible place to hang out with loved ones. It is without a doubt the best place in the city that influences you to trust that no one rests here. From merchants offering bhuttas (cooked corn) and chai at late night, and individuals absorbing the wonderful perspectives to the ambitious people who touch base here for their morning exercise, this place is never very still. You can tune in to your most loved beats here, make up for lost time with your old companions, or get your guitar and get into the sticking mode with your companions around.

Remains open for the duration of the day and night.

  • Bademiya in Colaba

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This is by a wide margin the best late night crunching spot in case you’re a non-vegan on a fundamental level. Obviously, it offers a tasty assortment in veggie lover too. In any case, to spend your night out in the city of Mumbai, having lip-smacking baked tikkas and kebabs is a fantasy for some. Furthermore, Bademiya found directly behind Hotel Taj Mahal in Colaba, guarantees your fantasy works out as expected.

What’s more, you comprehend what’s more extraordinary, it remains open till 3 AM and even conveys at your doorstep.

5. Entertainment, Entertainment, And Entertainment.

There may be a not insignificant rundown of the best dance club in Mumbai, yet nothing beats the solace and delight of diversion during the evening with your most loved individuals around. From unrecorded music exhibitions to theater plays, this Bollywood city has a comment everybody’s extravagant!

  • Late Night Movie Scenes At Metro or Regal

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Mumbai is the best city for celebrating around evening time, as well as to appreciate late night motion picture appears at the prominent theaters. Be it the favor Inox or the old Metro silver screens, you’d totally cherish the experience in case you’re a film buff. The cost of the tickets is very pocket-accommodating, particularly amid weekdays, and the group is a blend of family, couples, and companions, which just influences you to feel more secure.

  • Canvas Laugh Club in Lower Parel

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There’s no better method to encounter the nightlife in Mumbai than beginning with a dosage of chuckling. Visit the Canvas Laugh Club at the Palladium Mall in Lower Parel, and witness the best of comic drama directly before your eyes. From well known comics like Kanan Gill and Kenny to newcomers like Abhishek Upmanyu, the phase here is the best stage to appreciate a night brimming with excitement.

Every one of the exhibitions here occur between 7 PM and 10:30 PM on all the times of the week.

  • Anti-social, Khar west

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Antisocial is a head unrecorded music setting in the city and has a noteworthy line-up of neighborhood and universal specialists. It has turned into an essential piece of the Nightlife in Mumbai. Jazz, pop, electronic music to blues, it has secured everything.

It opens at 9AM and closes at 1AM midnight.