Countries where Indians can feel like a millionaire

Have you ever thought how would it feel to live like a millionaire? To be able to spend money without ever looking at the price tag, to live in the most luxurious hotels and palaces. Well, you may not be able to do all this in your homeland but you can certainly be a millionaire in these countries.

Vietnam-1rs=350 vietnaese dong

A land of natural beauty and culture with many colours Vietnam is both exotic and compelling. One of the perfect destination for people seeking a lot of thrill in there life Vietnam has it all, from motorbiking and kitesurfing to hiking and climbing all sorts of mountains the country has it all. And when you are done will all the adrenaline Vietnam has many Buddhist temples for you to find your inner peace.

Indonesia-1rs=206 Indonesian rupiah

The country with over 17000 islands and massive potential for tourism, it’s hard to beat Indonesia for its sheer number of experience it has to offer. As the worlds fourth most populous country Indonesia is like a 100 countries merged into one. Indonesia is a land of many cultures and biodiversity with exotic food options. The people are as radically different as the cultures of the country. Indonesia is a place of a tropical island with a taste of 100 cultures in one place.

Paraguay-1rs=88 Paraguayan Guarani

Although the country is located at the heart of the continent Paraguay is a country much misunderstood. It is often left out by travellers as the place lacks any mega-attraction however its ideal for those who want to get a true taste of the South American experience. Paraguay is a country of remarkable contrast with many natural reserves alongside man-made massive dams, it is a place where you find horses and carts pull up alongside with a Mercedes Benz. The subtropical Atlantic forest of the east is a direct contrast to the wilderness of the Chaco.

Cambodia-1rs=63 cambodian riel

There is magic in this place. A kingdom in itself that casts a spell on visitors.
In Cambodia, the ancient culture and modern ways collide and create an altogether new world. Present-Day Cambodia is a successor of the mighty Khmer empire. The remains of the empire can be seen at the temples of Angkor monuments in southeast Asia. The rich history and majestic temples are not everything the place has to offer as its urban areas can surprise you just as much as its ancients ones can. Its charismatic capital Phnom Penh is a revitalised city with its gorgeous riverside setting and world-class wine and dines restaurants.

Hungary-1rs=4 Hungarian forint

Marvellous architecture, gorgeous folk art and thermal spas. Europe’s most exciting capital after dark is Hungary’s best attraction. Hungarian food remains the most sophisticated style of cooking in eastern Europe. It is said that there are three essential world cuisines: French, Chinese and Hungarian. To complement this the country is also famous for its world-renowned wines. Hungary is the place for people who are seeking a fine culture.

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