Best Hangout places in Delhi

Delhi is known for its extravagant culture, its theatre and many fun places to see but as a tourist or sometimes even as a local it can be hard to see where are these places and how to find them. That is why we have put together a list of best hangout places in Delhi.

Ruin Pub by Imperfecto, Noida

Ruin Pub by Imperfecto is the common place for all the party animals in Delhi with the pub being one if the top bars in Noida and Delhi with common features like the upside down furniture, closed hut dining space and exclusive decors. The best bar in Noida stays true to its name with live performance and best rooftop nightclubs. It is one of the best places for couples or for first dates.

Book Cafes

If you are more of a quiet person then the books cafe is perfect for you. Book cafes are one of the most unique places in Delhi where you can spend the afternoon sipping coffee, eating a cake and reading through your perfect book.

Gravity Spacebar, Gurugram

The newly opened bar in Gurgaon has been creating a lot of buzz with its space-themed interior decor. The place offers multiple seating options with open balcony, gothic space and common area with hanging plants. What makes this place truly unique is not only the space-themed decor but the space-themed food and drinks.

Paint Ball

If a lot of action and heat is what you are looking for then maybe a match of paintball with your friends is what you really need.
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Friction The Drinkery, Gurugram

If you believe you are an old soul and seek a quiet place with good music and a glass of whisky then look no further. A chilled out vibe with modern jazz and an outside garden for the 18tees romance Friction The Drinkery is one of the best bars in NCR

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