How to travel the world with almost no money!

Travelling can be the greatest experience of your life. When you are travelling you are constantly having new experiences, meeting new people finding new perspective but who says travelling has to burn a hole in the wallet? In this article, we will see how to travel with almost no money.

But be warned when you are traveling with almost no money you do not get many choices. When you do travel with money you chose what to eat, where to stay and how to move. Traveling without much money is an altogether a very different experience and you have to remember you chose this so there is nothing to complain about.


All of your travel expenses can be broken down Travel, Food & Accommodation. First, we will see what can be done for accommodation. There is a website called CouchSurfing which allows you to host travellers in your home from all over the world and at the same time, you can stay at home of different people from all around the world. In this scenario you do not get to choose the type of room you want to get, even when it is free some people may reject you, you do not get much choice but at the same time, you get to have an amazing unexpected adventure. The people you find on Couchsurfing are mostly travellers themselves. Without much money, you do not get a very comfortable bed but you get stories for a lifetime.


Food is the main concern for everyone. One can always compromise how they sleep and how they get from point A to point B but what about food? How do we get Food with almost no money? The first and the obvious option is you can always cook with the person you are staying with through CouchSurfing.

The next option may not please many people. You can always ask Hotels and Restaurants for any leftovers. Food wastage is one of the worlds biggest problems but in this case, you can use this for your advantage. Try going to a 3-star restaurant as those usually have a policy for these kinds of things where they give the unsold food to anyone who asks


When it comes to travel you have to spend some money as you at least need to buy a plane ticket a train ticket, pay for your visa and other necessary documents and tickets. The place where you can actually save some money is on the road. The best way to travel on the road is Hitchhiking. When it comes to Hitchhiking there are some rules you should remember.

Rule number one- Try to have a clean shave and wear some good and clean clothes and people usually don’t trust dirty people. (Would you share a ride with someone who smells?)

Rule number two-Be patient. Rember you chose this, this is your adventure. Sometimes you will get a ride in no time but sometimes it will take forever to get a ride but the ride will come.
Try to talk to the driver, tell them stories as this is the only way you can repay them

In the end Traveling without money is not easy but then when has adventure ever been easy?

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