Travel Hacks

Save space– roll your clothes instead of folding, this saves a lot of space.

Credit card– most credit cards now-days have a royalty point system which allows you to gather royalty points over time which after a certain amount can be redeemed for different rewards or even a free ticket to your next destination.

Fragile stuff– we have all been in a situation where we had to wait at least half an hour to sometimes even an hour for our luggage to arrive on the luggage belt in the airport. One way to avoid this is by marking your luggage as fragile. You get your luggage first and the airline workers will be extra careful also.

Tv as a charger– many a time we are in a situation where all the charging ports in our room have been taken by someone else. Maybe you are travelling with your friends or it’s a big family trip and you just can’t find a charging spot. In such a situation you can always just take the cable from your charger and plug that cable into the USB port of the hotel tv.

Cheaper flights– finding a good flight can be a very time-consuming process but did you knew that when you visit the same website, again and again, the prices tend to go up! To avoid such scenario turn on private browsing ( incognito mode) this way websites cannot store your cookies and it will show the true price always.

Predict the sunlight– if you on are on a hike and it seems you are a little lost and need to know how much sunlight is left for you to find your way. Well, we have a neat little trick for you, simply count the fingers width between the sun and the horizon. Each finger represents 15 min.

Mini luggage– you can always wear cargo pants instead of jeans. Cargos allow you to carry a lot of things as they have a lot of pockets and they are super comfortable too

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