Why you must travel solo?

They say your wildest memories are made when the entire college group gets together but that is not the case when it comes to travel. To have a memorable adventure on your next trip try going solo. If you have ever travelled solo you know what we are talking about but if not then please don’t skip ahead.
Usually, when we visit a new destination or go on a new adventure on a familiar place we tend to call up the gang make plans six months ahead and enjoy our self but keep doing that for 3 or 4 times and the thing starts to repeat themselves. You may have bought a group tour and travelling with some more people but do you ever get to know those people or do you tend to only crack the same jokes you have been making since the first year of college.
The person you are sharing the bonfire with may have an adventure of his own, He might be on the road for the last two months making a travel documentary, who knows right? And that is the magic of solo travel. When you travel in a group you tend to be in the group but when you travel alone you find and meet exciting people and experience things you otherwise might never experience.
At this point a lot of people tend to ask, is travelling alone safe?
And the answer is no and not just in India but anywhere in the world it’s not safe but it is also not as dangers as you think and with just a few precautions you can easily have your next solo trip.
Some basic precautions you should take care-
• Be aware of your surroundings- even in day to day life we are always careful of our surroundings then why not do that for our solo trip? Try doing a little research on the culture and current situations for a destination you are planning to visit.
• Get travel insurance- we can not stress enough on how important travel insurance is. One can never be too careful with there belongings and having a safety cushion to fall back on is always better
• Study the culture- if you are planning on going on an international trip try to study about there cultures, the dos and don’ts of that country.
Just keep these points in mind and we promise you a solo trip can teach you more about travelling then 10 group tours would ever teach you.

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