Best 10 Routes for Road Trips!

Excursions are maybe the most ideal approach to satisfy your hankering for experience and escape dullness. To just gather up your packs, start up your motors and master away is the best sort of break you can get from pressure and show. Here’s a rundown of well-known excursions in India that you emphatically need to take so as to get a break from repetitiveness.

What you require for the insane excursion:

A ride (a Car or Bike)

A few Friends


A camera

Cash (a lil’ bit)

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1. Excursion from Guwahati to Tawang: Monks, Mountains, and

Morning Prayer.

Time: 14 hours 27 minutes/ 13 hours and 56 min

Distance: 509km

National Highway: NH 52 & NH 229.

The excursion offers amazing perspectives of snow-clad mountains and gives you a chance to witness the wonders of the Buddhist culture in the North-East. Driving up the twisting ways on the slopes require expertise and experience. The best time to take this excursion is amongst March and October, as whatever is left of the time, the streets might be obstructed because of snow.

Where to eat: Shops and slows down offering momos, Maggi, and tea en route.

Where to stay: Budget lodgings at Tezpur.

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2. Excursion from Mumbai to Goa: Because of Dil Chahta Hai.

Time: 10 hours 15 minutes (via the Pune-Kolhapur Route) & 13 hours 53 minutes (via the Chiplun-Ratnagiri Konkan route)

Distance: 587 km (via the Pune-Kolhapur Route) & 5689 km (via the Chiplun-Ratnagiri Konkan route)

National Highway: NH 4 or NH 66.

On the off chance that you adored the reel excursion, you’ll cherish the genuine form much more! It is favored you take the Pune-Kolhapur Route as it is more secure, the smoother street on the off chance that you’re going via auto. For the more gutsy ones, going with companions on a bicycle looking for the beautiful magnificence of the Western Ghats, and lesser toll stalls en route, take the Chiplun-Ratnagiri Route that gets rough, dubious and limited at numerous spots. While on the Chiplun-Ratnagiri course, you can likewise look at the Karnal Bird Sanctuary. The best time to take this excursion is amongst December and January.

Where to eat: Various eateries at Satara and Kolhapur in case you’re on NH 4 and Chiplun

Where to stay: Hotels at Kolhapur and Chiplun.

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3. Excursion from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur: Making Golden Memories

Down the Golden Triangle.

Time: 7 hours 35 minutes

Distance: 455 km

National Highway: NH 93 & NH 8

The well known Golden Triangle street compensates for outstanding amongst other travels in India. Furthermore, not only the street but rather the three socially and truly rich urban communities offer a large number of vistas for voyagers, including the Taj Mahal at Agra and the various landmarks at Jaipur. The Yamuna Expressway (NH 93) is an enormous stretch of smooth, clean streets and one would discover no preventions in that capacity. You may observe the NH 8 to be somewhat rough because of the ongoing development work there.

Where to eat: The Food Court on Yamuna Expressway and various eateries like Midway on NH 8.

4. Excursion from Jaipur to Jaisalmer: From the Pink City to the

Golden City.

Time: 9 hours

Distance: 555 km

National Highway: NH 15

Witness the hues, culture, and excellence of Rajasthan as you ride past the numerous towns covering the streets from Jaipur to Jaisalmer. Make a stopover at Jodhpur to enjoy the genuine Rajasthani legacy and flavors. One can likewise visit Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary in transit. The streets on this course are in a flawless condition, conceding you a smooth ride.

Where to eat: Authentic Rajasthani cooking styles at Jodhpur.

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5. Excursion from Dehradun to Nainital: Through Hills and Valleys,

Streams and Lakes.

Time: 6 hours 33 minutes

Distance: 278 km

National Highway: NH 74

Ride through Nature’s miracles while getting a charge out of the reviving climate from one exquisite slope spot to the next. The streets are in awesome condition and the turns and bends give a stunning knowledge to enterprise searchers.

Where to eat: various shops and dhabas accessible in transit.

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6. Excursion from Bangalore to Coorg: From Concrete Jungles to

Pristine Hills.

Time: 5 hours 26 minutes

Distance: 242 km

National Highway: NH 275

An excursion from Bangalore to Coorg is a flat-out pleasure for Nature sweethearts. Being a standout amongst other slope stations in the South and encompassed by the Western Ghats, Coorg gives dazzling picturesque vistas of the encompassing scenes. The streets on this course are truly not too bad, with the exception of a couple of patches all over.

Where to eat: A considerable measure of eateries and drive-ins in transit.

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7. Excursion from Chennai to Pondicherry: Ride Along the Surf and

Sands of the South.

Time: 3 hours 31 minutes

Distance: 158 km

It is among the best travels in India as it’s one where the excursion will get you a larger number of recollections and a more noteworthy ordeal than the goal itself. In transit, one can appreciate wonderful perspectives of the shorelines of Southern India and make a trip to have a coconut or two at whatever point they feel like. One will find that the East Coast Road is in an ideal condition for driving or riding down. You can make a stopover at Mahabalipuram to appreciate the shorelines and treat your stomach.

Where to eat: The shoreline at Mahabalipuram and roadside dhabas and shops.

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8. Excursion from Kolkata to Kumaon: The Metamorphosis of

Colors and Cultures.

Time: 24 hours

Distance: 1,409 km

National Highway: NH 2

The best piece of this excursion is the slow yet amazing change of the green fields and inclines to snow-clad mountain crests. It is one of those excursions that rethink the importance of expressions like “the adventure matters, not the goal”. One can get down and appreciate the town of Varanasi in transit. Despite the fact that the Thruway is somewhat congested because of substantial movement the majority of the circumstances, the streets are in very great a condition. The best time to take this excursion is from November to March.

Where to eat: various extraordinary eateries at Varanasi and a scope of dhabas on the whole course.

Where to stay: Hotels at Varanasi or Kanpur.

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9. Excursion from Delhi to Manali to Leh: Every Backpacker Biker’s

First Love.

Time: 25 hours

Distance: 1,019 km

National Highway: NH 1 & NH 21

An excursion in the Himalayas will dependably be joined by beautiful scenes wherever you look. The Delhi-Manali-Leh excursion is extraordinary compared to other travels in India and a completely enchanting trip to take. In spite of the fact that the streets may get somewhat deceptive and precarious on your approach to Leh, the amazing grand excellence compensates for it. It is an excursion each challenging voyager must take.

Where to eat: Have an early breakfast at Murthal. Eat at Sukhdev’s dhaba in transit for some margarine stacked stuffed paranthas or you could stop by McDonald’s, Barista, Subway, or Haveli.

Where to stay: Take a stopover at Bilaspur while venturing out from Delhi to Manali. From Manali to Leh, you could spend a night at Circuit houses in Lahaul Valley.

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10. Excursion from Ahmedabad to Kutch: The Mesmerizing Stretch

of White Horizons.

Time: 7 hours 32 minutes

Distance: 454 km

National Highway: NH 8A

The shocking white scenes, the desolate desert for miles and past, and the vivid differentiations of the neighborhood populace over it would influence your street to trip beneficial. The streets are in a fine condition, however, one must attempt and leave for Kutch at a young hour early in the day to keep away from activity gagged streets. One should definitely visit the Wild Ass Sanctuary and the adjacent Hodko town to purchase neighborhood painstaking work. The best time to take this excursion is amongst October and March. Attempt to come at once so you can witness the full moon at Kutch.

Where to eat: various shops and dhabas accessible in transit.

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