IRCTC and different train tickets

As India’s leading organization IRCTC has booked and managed Indian rail network for the last 19 years. but even after 19 years, there are a great number of people who are not fully aware of the organization and different types of train tickets and that is what this article aims to do.

Indian railway catering and tourism corporation(IRCTC) is a sub-part of Indian rail routes which handles the web-based ticketing task for Indian railway.IRCTC was founded on 27 September 1999 with the objective of enhancing service of customers in railway hospitality, catering travel and tourism with the utmost professionalism.
The most common question that anyone has would be ‘ how do I create a new IRCTC account?’
To create a new account on IRCTC go to there website and click on “Sign up”

     • now enter a user name which should be between 4-10 characters
     • after that chose a security question and its answer to your choice
     • after your security question fill your details (name, gender, marital status)
     • put in your email ID and mobile number
     • enter your address with pin code

after you have completed this process your username and password will be sent on your email ID which you provided
and done, you have successfully created your IRCTC account

Before we learn how to book a ticket using the account we just created first let us see how many types of tickets and berths are there?
Every ticket will have a unique 10-digit number known as Passenger name record (PNR) number. After you have booked your ticket you will be put in one of the waiting lists. For example, if you get a status of WL with a number then you are in the waitlist and can only get confirmed if the passenger who have booked before you cancel their trip. For example, if you have a waitlist of GNWL/WL 3 this means 3 people need to cancel for you to get a confirmed ticket. In situations where the status of the ticket is waitlisted after the chart has been prepared than the person is not allotted any seat and a refund is given into your account. The waiting list can be of various types-

GNWL (General waiting list)-is the basic type of waiting list.
This ticket is given when a person starts his journey at the originating station.

RLWL (Remote location waiting list)- ticket is issued for the station between the originating and destination station. These tickets are given a separate priority and confirmation depends on the cancelation of the last station confirmed ticket.

PQWL (Pooled quota waiting list) these tickets are shared by several small stations. PQWL is usually allotted for people traveling from the first station to a station short of the last station.

RQWL (Request waiting list) – if someone wants to travel to an in-between station from an in-between station and his ticket is not covered by GNWL, RLWL or PQWL, the request of the ticket may go to RQWL.

RAC (Reservation against cancellation)- if a person is given RAC then most likely he will get a seat by the time the chart is prepared
In case the ticket remains RAC after the chart is prepared then the person is given half seat. Two people have a RAC ticket are given one side lower berth.

after we know are ticket type we will see how to book our ticket? Are there any specific timings for the booking of tickets to book a ticket on IRCTC
  • log in to the IRCTC using your username and password.
  • Click on “Plan my travel” and chose a journey date
  • You will be directed to a page with a list of all the trains available at that time.
  • Select your train and class(AC or non AC)
  • Click on book now, fill in the details like Name, Age, Gender etc

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