Top 10 honeymoon destinations

Planning a wedding is no easy task, it takes months to book a venue, call all the uncles and aunties, find the right food and choosing that perfect dress. Because you put so much effort in your wedding, we have prepared a list of some of the best destinations for your honeymoon, so you don’t have to.

1 New York

Known as the big apple, New York is one of the most popular city in the world due to its iconic buildings and parks. It contains a million differences experiences within it. 

Sometimes the best honeymoon force you a little out of your comfort zone. New York is the perfect city that is constantly giving you new experiences and keeps the honeymoon at its spark

2 Bora Bora

If all you want is to relax and enjoy in the arms of your just made life partner and enjoy the sunset on a beech then Bora Bora is the destination for you.

Experience love at the InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana resort.

Swim with sharks or go on a ray snorkel safari, jet ski tours and so on.

Bora Bora is paradise on earth

3 Greece

They say fairy tales are fantasies that don’t exist, but only after you have been on a honeymoon in Greece you believe in those dreamy stories coz you’ve lived one!

Begin your honeymoon in the land of Aphrodite- Greek goddess of love and beauty, the city of Athens is the perfect way to start your honeymoon.

The streets overlooked by giant churches and magnificent buildings have years of stories to tell. Plaka- a district in Athens, Plaka can be described as peace within chaos. While the enter city is trying to tell you something Plaka can be considered quite a retreat with its Victorian streets and secluded beaches.

4 Turkey

The breath-taking landscapes, vibrant markets and glorious attraction Turkey has an all for one experience for you

The butterfly valley– the butterfly valley comes under those rare virgin unspoiled and unexplored destinations. Perched at the foothills of the Babadag mountains along the coast line of Turkish Riviera this famous valley is home to a diverse species of butterflies. What’s better then to hold your loved one and walking through 100s of butterfly’s

If adventure is what you are seeking, then the clam water of Blue Lagoon is what you have been waiting for. Blue Lagoon Is the ultimate paradise for the water sports enthusiasts on an adventures turkey honeymoon.

5 Budapest

The city of scenic landmarks and romantic rooftops bars, Budapest is the perfect get away for your honeymoon

  • Start the day with a champagne breakfast.
  • Admire views from panoramic landmarks
  • Enjoy historic spas together with your partner

Budapest is the kind of city which has almost everything form scenic

Beauty to done tongue twisting food

6 Maldives

Imagine laying on the soft white sands with your loved one, taking dips in azure colored waters while completely alone on an island. That’s Maldives

There could be nothing more beautiful then to see gorgeous coral or a giant whale shark with your partner.

While you get used to the beach water make sure to visit  the glowing beach of the vaadhoo island.

There is nothing more relaxing then to have a massage at couple’s spa after exploring all those beaches.

7 Philippines

Boracay Island- Boracay is popular among newly weds for its crystal-clear water, sparkling sunlight and romantic setups

 Bohol Island- with an serene and silent beaches, white sand and brown mountains carve a dreamy outlook here

8 Balkans

The Balkans are still an off the radar destination in Europe. This corner in the southeast of Europe has many cards up its sleeve

Lake Bled, Slovenia- Lake Bled is, one of the most scenic spots in the Balkans, where couples can share sweet moments together. The choices of accommodation varies from luxury hotels to travel hostels and even Airbnb. the lake is beautiful in all seasons which makes it one of the best destinations for honeymoon.

9 Prague

Prague is one of those places which has everything for everyone

  • The landscapes are breathings
  • Wine and dining are exquisite
  • Great neighbourhoods
  • Famous landmarks

In the end, you are not going to be disappointed from Prague

10 Mauritius

And last but not the least, Mauritius or commonly known as the paradise islands. Mauritius offers an array of different activities,

Chamarel Village: Home to the Seven Coloured Earth,

This is one of the most famous Mauritius attraction and one of the best places in the city. The village is famous for its mix of coloured surfaces.

These natural beauties are usually visited as a trip popular known as “Seven Coloured Earth”

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