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Recently travel magica attended the “Regional Mountaineering Centre, McLeodganj for its basic adventure course. This article is for everyone who has a passion for mountaineering and needs some help to have a clear vision of the field

Regional Mountaineering Center(RMC) comes under Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports.  The Institute mainly focus on “Basic mountaineering course” (BMC). BMC is a 26 days mountaineering and is required to be a trek leader by major mountaineering companies.

As spending 26 days on the mountains can take its toll on the body and everyone may not be ready from the get-go it is better to first get a taste of what it’s like to live in the mountains with the help of a smaller course. This is where a basic adventure course can help you. A basic adventure courses

is of 7 days only and you get hands-on training on major aspects of the life of a mountaineer

Upon reaching the base camp of RMC you will be taken to your respective dorms where you sleep on bunk beds with all the other people who are in your batch. The activities in our adventure course were-

  • Artificial wall climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Going on different treks
  • Snow mountain climbing
  • Living in forests
  • River crossing
  • Camping

The hardest part of any mountaineering course for most people is the trekking. During our adventure course, all of us had to trek for at least 10km every day but for those who love mountains and are willing to go the extra mile for this life will enjoy this part.  

You will be greeted with hard work but with some breath-taking views also as Himachal is known for its beautiful monastery and hillside beauty

For booking your slot for an adventure course you need to open the official website of RMC and contact them as there are no fixed dates for adventure course as there are for BMC. The cost of this course is roughly around 10000rs

The local market around the base camp has some of the best local cuisine and a beautiful monastery. We got to enjoy one of the most popular local dishes of Himachal that is “Thenthuk”. Thenthuk is a blend of vegetables, wheat and chicken mixed with a vegetable soup. You are also greeted with a beautiful monastery built by Dalai Lama. Upon entering we could clearly feel the calmness that surrounded us in the monastery.

If you believe mountains are your passion, then we would highly recommend starting your journey with a basic adventure course. For any quarry or questions please comment below

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