Travel to Grow.

Someone once asked, “Does travelling actually improve us as people or is it basically just expensive entertainment?”

We can answer this question in a lot of ways, from ancient times travellers were known for there wisdom and were treated with the utmost respect. And even after all these years, travelling has not lost its magic. We are told from our childhood that we should get good schooling to get a good job and plan for our retirement and our world tends to become our surroundings. We forget the fact that the world is a much bigger place and has a lot to teach us. When we travel, we connect with different cultures, we connect with people of many differences and it is that connection that helps us to grow. You may think something might be bad but change your culture and that thing becomes something good. For a lot of time, the LGBTQ community was framed as against Indian culture but in a lot of cultures, it was not. Travel makes you question things and certain aspects of your life.

There is a website “couch surfing” which allows you to stay at people’s house for free or at least free in the monetary sense.

You see when you stay at someone’s place without money you tend to exchange culture, you teach them one thing about your culture, and they teach you something about there’s. And travelling has always been about this, about the connection that you make with the people you meet on your adventures. So, the next time when someone asks is travelling just expensive entertainment? Yes, it is but if you try it can be more than that, it can be a lifelong lesson for you.

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