What are some of the best jobs in travel?

Travel and tourism have a very certain glam to it. Not everyone is willing to travel for their whole life but for those who are looking at tourism as there, career options here are some of the best jobs in travel and tourism in our opinion.

  • Tour Leading- If mountains are your passion and all you want to do is climb mountains for the rest of your life and make a buck doing that then Tour Leading is the best job for you. A tour leader is a person who guides a group of tourists in their different expeditions be it a simple trek or a climb of Himalayas.
  • Digital Marketing- Every travel company needs a good marketing strategy and in a world,  which Is connected 24/7 it is now more than ever needed to create more and more engaging content and advertisement to capture the better market. If you believe you are a creative person you should surely give it a try.
  • Social Media Influencer- if you believe instead of creating brands for others you should be creating a brand of yourself then a Media Influencer is perfect for you. A social media influencer or a content creator is a person who creates different content on many platforms(Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc) to engage an audience and earn from either advertisement revenue or brand sponsorship.
  • Photographer-If photography runs in your blood then a travel photographer might be perfect for you. A travel photographer as it sounds is paid to go to new destinations to click some beautiful shorts
  • Travel writer or a content writer- A travel writer is a person who is paid to travel to new destinations, get a feel of the place and then write about his experience. A content writer is more of a freelance work where you pickup clients and deliver the content as asked form you.

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