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Day 1

Street Food and beaches

Check into your hotel. I have a few other recommendations below. Once you are settled in go enjoy the pool or hit Karon beach across the street. Karon beach is the second longest beach in Phuket. It is not near as lively as Patong beach or as quiet as Surin beach. This beach is a perfect place to play a game of beach
volleyball with other tourists or snorkel with the kids.

Street Food - This evening for dinner, take the Phuket Street Food Tour. During the Phuket Street food tour one of the stops is a local market in a parking lot. All of the foods there are likely to be unidentifiable, but the whole family will have to be brave and taste the foods together. Suggested things to try are Kao Kriab Pak Mor (a gooey purple dumpling with a sweet peanut filling), a tasty little Kanom Krok (coconut pancake) or Khanom Buang (a dynamite, crunchy Thai crepe with a creamy filling). Plus, the tour takes you to Old Town.

Day 2

Cooking and Shopping

Cooking - Learn to cook an authentic Thai meal. One of the neatest ways to get kids to try new foods is to have them cook the food themselves! Phuket has several cooking classes that are kid-friendly if needed. The Phuket Thai Cooking Academy is a good one for kids and especially convenient for families since they provide transportation. Before the class begins, they take you to a local market where everyone shops for the ingredients they’ll be using in their Thai dishes. Kids will be amused by the seafood in the wet market. Some of the fish and squids are so fresh they are still wiggling around. Once you arrive at the school, kids and parents will learn food carving in addition to making multiple dishes. Once everything is prepared, you all get to enjoy lunch or dinner together as a family.

Shopping: Surprisingly, the shopping in Phuket is quite good. There are several places to shop, including the mall at Patong Beach, Jang Ceylon. Some fun souvenirs include: hand carved soap, keychains and magnets, massage oils, incense, cosmetics, T-shirts and clothes. We found some Adidas and Nike shirts for super cheap. They were probably knock offs, but who cares!

Day 3

Elephants and Beaches

Swim with Elephants – All over Thailand there will be options for encountering elephants. You can take an elephant jungle trek, go give one a bath at a sanctuary or swim with elephants in Phuket. This is an opportunity for a quick swim with two young elephants. This was one of the most incredible experiences the kids and I have ever had and I highly recommend it. The whole experience lasts less than 15 minutes, but still worth it.

Patong Beach – Patong Beach is somewhat hectic because there is so much going on. Here you can swim, jet ski, shop, dine and more. If you are looking for a night out, Patong’s nightlife is awesome. The main street here, Bangla Road, does turn into a full-on party street after 10 P.M. Keep kids away after 9:30 PM otherwise they will get an eyeful. Some fun party spots are Illuzion, Aussie Bar and Sole Mio.

Day 4

Phi Phi Island

Another highly recommended excursion is a boat trip to idyllic Phi-Phi Island, also the most famous island near Phuket. The tour stops at several islands (one of which is Tapu or James Bond Island, where “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed) along the way, giving you plenty of opportunity to snorkel in the clear emerald waters. If you so choose, you can arrange to spend the night on the beach of this remote island. What a great way to wind down before heading back home!

Day 5

Message Day

Thai Massage – There’s nothing quite like a Thai Massage and you have to get one before you leave. There are lots of places that offer them, including every hotel.

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