Things To Do

When you are on travel you can do many things here are something to do you

You should know where you are going to learn more about the history where you are going. You can know history from a local person

we can only suggest you but all things will be done by you

Explore untouched place 

there you go you can visit nearby places and know more about that.

Shopping :

all over the world all the cities and place having any small and large market for shopping.

Enjoy trekking 

just like trekking is not on done only in the mountain areas that will be a done in any place you visit just take some useful things that can help during your trekking, you can do just like,6 to 7 Kilometers trek for easy walking its taking time, Trekking help you to learn in a harsh environment life and how to scape it

Fooding : 

Food is the best things in everyone life you can enjoy the food as your hobby but just love your food and enjoy it. each and every area has the different type of food and test every mile food will change

like  Non-veg, Veg, Fruits, Dairy Milk foods etc.


you can visit by nearly famous place just like Temple, Park, Viewpoint, Waterfalls, Church,

Know History

learn the history of the place from book or Library or online with the extra fact, how that place will establish or founded  and learn more about the founder


you can enjoy many activities that depend on the place like water sports activity, snow activity, mountain activity, sky activity


you can enjoy many sports like Winter Sports, Summer Sports, and Any Annual Sport, and Car race, Bike Race, Marathon etc


Many events will be organized by local authorities for some information or product display or something very special events


enjoy the festival  of local areas or national festival you will be a part of this festival like Annual Celebration day, Carnival and fully enjoy the fair in the festival


you can also enjoy the night in Clubs and Midnight Market Pubs and enjoy the Night out with loveable person