Welcome to Guest Portal Tutorial

Guide: 1

How to Submit Package Verification Form?

Our team verify what you have bought and promised by agent. You are highly recommended to fill the package assignment form on your first login. You can watch the video or follow these step after successful login.

1. After login, click “Package” on the left main menu panel.

2. Read all the terms and make a check on “I agree” 

3. Make selection for travel insurance and then click next.

4. Now precisely fill all the details of the package by the package email from sales@travelmagica.com

Guide: 2

How to Notify a Payment You Made?

If you make a payment to us, it’s essential to notify the team to add that payment in your traveler ID. to notify your payment, please follow these step written below.

1. After successful login, click “Payments” on the left main menu.

2. Fill the form named as “Notify for Payment”

3. Make sure to write your payment reference in comment box.

4. Click “Submit”

Guide: 3 – How To Check Booking Status, Hotel and Taxi Reservation Details?

After we have approved 55% payment, our team would start reservation process and feed all the details on guest portal, please watch the video to know how to check details or follow the steps written below.


1. After login, click “HOME” option on the left main menu.

2. Review the Status for every Hotel and Taxi.

3. All “Pending” are under process.

4. All “Confirmed” are booked successfully.

5. To view the details of confirmed hotel or taxi booking, click on “View” button of the same row.