About us

Travel is our passion and our life work. Itā€™s what we do all day and every day.Ā 

Travel Magica is an effort which was started by a very small team of two people with strong determination to transform the travel experience into an unforgettable & convenient travel experience, our effort is gradually being visible to become a travel portal for finding best travel deals that can get you free passes like jungle safari, party, adventurous sports, romantic couple dinner, free meal during stay and more. Here we gather information about the destination, best routes, best prices, recent deals by vendors providing services and holiday packages all at one place.

A faster system for best travel deals!

A Few Words About Us

Travel Magica is focused on building a wide networked travel portal for finding best travel deals over millions of vendors across multiple countries, the team is aiming to possible the complex search issues to be resolved in just a few clicks. Plan a hassle-free trip which is 100% reliable with the best service commitment. We help traveler connect with various travel agents, hotels, tour operators, taxi vendors, travel bloggers and travel activist. You can read and post reviews, compare price and prepare your best ever tour plan directly from the right party instead of any mediator involvement this way Travel Magica helps people save lots of money. We help people get all of this just in a few minutes.

Who are we?

A team of people, who personally experienced, researched & understood the destinations & untold requirements during travel, stayed at the resorts, sailed aboard the cruise ships and taken the off-the-beaten path tours, so we know what to recommend for the best ever tour.Ā 

We are a company of trusted, passionate travel specialists, a team of people collecting vital information day and night to gather it all for people like you who wantĀ to plan a tour. Planning a tour is quite aĀ confusing work. It is essential that you plan your tour with someone who is very familiarĀ about your destination. Understanding the requirement of sources required to make your travel hassleĀ free, we collect information of travel agencies, tour operators, travel agents, geographical data of destination, best rout plans, top rated hotels & resorts, activities to assist you with easy and complete planned tour.